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Places to Visit in Kutch during Rann Utsav

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Planning for Rann Utsav 2019? Here are top things not to miss during the Rann Utsav

1. The White Rann

The main attraction of the Rann Utsav is the White Rann. The formation happens after the rainy season and stays afterwards. The ideal season to visit Rann Utsav is though Nov to Feb with December and January being the peak seasons since you the temperature is good and complete formation happens by Nov Mid which makes Dec and Jan the ideal season to visit Rann Utsav.

Few tourists enjoying camel ride during the Rann Utsav

2. Kala Dungar

Also known as Black Hill, Kalo Dungar or Kala Dungar is the highest point of the Kutch. In Kutchi language, Dungar means Hill and Kalo means Black, hence, Kalo Dungar = Black Hill. The Panoramic view of the White Rann from the Kala Dungar is a beauty to capture. Kalo Dungar also has Dattatreya Temple which is known to be 400 years old. You can also spot jackals in the evening after the aarti. Magnetic Hill is also one attraction at Kalo Dungar. Visitors have noticed that there car starts ascending even after the ignition was turned off for some distance.

The view of the White Desert in distance from Kalo Dungar

3. Gandhi Nu Gam

The best place to visit to explore the handicrafts of the artists of Kutchi people. When you enter the village, you will see a lot of circular huts also called as Bhungas which are beautifully painted from outside and inside. The artists of this villages are expert in making handicraft bags, clothings, wooden work(Tea Costers, Trays, Beautiful chairs etc). The villagers have small shops outside their homes from where they sell there works. The people of the village are very welcoming and they will even invite you to visit their Bhungas(Circular Mud Huts) and explore how they make they carve beautiful designs on the wood.

A Villager proudly showing her handwork at Gandhi Nu Gam

4. Bhuj Local City Tour - Swaminarayan Temples & Museums of Kutch

Bhuj is the gateway to the Rann Utsav. Whether you travel by road or air or train, you have to go through Bhuj only. A half day city tour of Bhuj is recommended to explore the Swaminarayan Temple, Prag Mahal & Museum, Kutch Museum.

Swaminarayan Temple Temple - Bhuj

5. Mandvi Beach

Are you a beach person? If yes, then Mandvi is must visit not just for its beaches but also for the famous Vijay vilas palace which has been featured in of Bollywood movies like Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam & Lagaan. Vijay Vilas palace has its own private beach which is very clean and maintained. The entry fee is Rs 300 without lunch and Rs 600 with lunch. Apart from the beach, you can also visit the shipyards, 72 Jinalaya and organic farms. You can also get some delicious sea food in Mandvi.

Private Beach of Vijay Vilas Palace

6. Bhujodi Village & Hiralaxmi Craft Park

Bhujodi is just 15 km off the city of Bhuj and it is also famous for the Kutchi handicraft work. There are a lot of shops selling bedsheets, dress material and many other items. Hiralaxmi Craft Park is in Bhujodi. Here you can enjoy the Vande Mataram show on the freedom struggle of India. In the evening, they have a facade show on the building whose facade resembles the Indian Parliament's.

Hiralaxmi Craft Park

7. Nirona Village - Rogan Art, Lac Work & Copper Bell Art

Nirona Village is famous for Rogan & Copper Bell Art. Rogan art is a unique art known and practised by only one family only. The art is done directly on a piece of clothing without any rough work or design pattern already printed. The artist of the village is always willing to demonstrate the beautiful art explaining about how the colour is prepared and the art is made. You can also visit the Lac work artist in Nirona.

The artist demonstrating the Rogan Art of Kutch

Copper Bell Art - Kutch

Wood & Lac Art work of Nirona Village

8. Mata No Madh - The Temple of Ashapura Mata

The Ashapura Mata is one of the most worshipped goddess. The local Kutchi community and people from many parts of India come to visit the temples. The temple is overcrowded during the full moons.

Mata No Madh - The Ashapura Mata Temple

9. Narayan Sarovar & The Koteshwar Temple

Narayan Sarovar is one of the five sacred lakes for Hindus. The Sarovar is a fresh water lake surrounded by the sea. One of the must visits site if you are coming to Kutch for the religious tour. The Koteshwar temple is the west most point where the road ends. This Mahadev temple is also amongst the most visited places for people coming to Kutch for religious tours.

Narayan Sarovar is one of the five sacred lakes(sarovars) of Hindus

10. Lakhpat Fort

Erected in 1800s by Jamadar Fateh Muhammed, the fort has walls of 7km length and are almost intact till date. Lakhpat was a port city. The walls of the fort offer a clear sight of the White Rann which is a breathtaking view. Since this place is very remote, the sky here is pollution free and very clear and the air feels so fresh. The place is best for stargazing in the entire Kutch.

Lakhpat Fort

11. Dholavira - The Ruins of Indus Civilisation

If you are interested in History of the Indus civilisation, this place is best for you. Located at a distance of almost 220 km from Bhuj, the sight is worth a visit for everyone interested in finding more about the Indus civilisation. The route is very remote and you will rarely find a Dhaba in between. The roads to Dholavira are surrounded by the untouched beauty of White Rann and this will be one of the drives to remember for sure.

Dholavira is closed every Friday. It is easy to find a guide who will explain you about the Indus Civilisation's way of living.

The site of Indus Civilisation - Dholavira

So these were our top picks from the Kutch. Think we missed something? Tell us in the comment section and we will be happy to add it.

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